Sad Press is run by Jo Lindsay Walton and Samantha Walton. We mainly publish poetry chapbooks by individual authors.

Sad Press was set up either in 2009 or 2014, it’s not clear. Sad Press is based in Brighton, Bristol, and Edinburgh. We are not open to submissions, sorry!

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A few reviews and other things related to Sad Press books. If you have written a review, or if you want a review copy of something, get in touch.


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You can access digital copies of most out-of-print titles by subscribing to our Patreon.

There are also copies of most titles in the UKI legal deposit libraries and at the MayDay Rooms Radical Poetry Archive in London. The Scottish Poetry Library and the National Poetry Library also have some titles.


Booksellers, we would love to hear from you. If you’re based in the UK, we’re typically happy to provide an introductory package for free, to see if these things sell from your shelves. If they do, then we’re normally happy to offer a whopping 70% discount for firm sale or 10% discount for sale-or-return, with free P&P for orders over £10.

If you’re not based in the UK, get in touch and we can figure something out.

By the way: we don’t intend to normalise that 70% figure, which we know is way too much for most small presses. It’s just that we’re in a position to subsidise this a little, because we like to see our books on shelves and we want to support independent bookshops (who in turn support small presses more broadly, through stocking titles, creating event spaces and generating vital vibes).


2022 is going to be A QUIET YEAR for Sad Press. We won’t be open to submissions or starting anything new. We’ll still be writing things on envelopes and going to the post office. Patreon payments will be paused each month (except when Jo forgets). We will have mothballs for eyes. With our mothball eyes we’ll be focusing on other things. We’ll be back, probably.

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