We currently have a lot of books on the go, so we are not really open to general submissions. We do welcome queries from poets who have not yet published a collection, but who have either published work in one or more of these journals we like — Almost Island, Adjacent Pineapple, Amberflora, Bomb, Chicago Literary Review, Commune Magazine, Damn the Caesars, Datableed, Infinite Editions, Intercapillary Space, FIYAH, Hi Zero, Granta, Minor Literatures, Morning Star, No Matter, No Prizes, Poetry Wales, Spam, The TangerineTears in the Fence, Tenebrae, The White Review, Zarf — or who live outside the US/UK. We’ll switch up that list of journals from time to time. We are primarily interested in pamphlets, not full-length collections. Also please keep in mind we are pretty full at the moment!

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We love it when people ask for review copies.

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