Hix Eros: Poetry Review is published jointly by Sad Press and Hi Zero.

The last issue was #8, published in March 2018, covering work by Sean Bonney, Lisa Robertson, Linda Kemp, Lila Matsumoto, Jennifer Pike Cobbing, Mike Saunders, Holly Pester et al., Sarah Hayden, Nicky Melville, Sophie Mayer, Calum Gardner, Juha Virtanen, Jèssica Pujol, Millie Guille, Sophie Seita, Caitlín Doherty, Corina Copp, Eleanor Perry, Daisy Lafarge, Vala Thorrods, JH Prynne, Colin Herd, and Peter Manson.

Hix Eros is edited by Jo Lindsay Walton, Joe Luna, and Jordan Savage, and designed and typeset by Robbie Dawson. It publishes reviews of, and responses to, contemporary experimental and political poetry. With the exception of one special print issue (on J.H. Prynne), it is online only. Hix Eros does not have any fixed publishing schedule.


Issue #8: PDF.


Issue #7: PDF (or this PDF for easier printing)


Issue #6: PDF, Kindle

Issue #5: PDF, Kindle

Issue #4: JH Prynne special: PDF. Print sold out.


Issue #3: PDF, Kindle


Issue #2: PDF, or Kindle ebook of #1 + #2

Issue #1: PDF


If your library or institution is interested in subscribing to Hix Eros, or if you’re interested in reviewing for Hix Eros, please write to hixeros@gmail.com.